Mayo Society of New York


County Mayo is in the North-West part of Ireland. It is the third largest County in Ireland but one of the least populated.

In the year 1879, Ireland experienced the failure of its potato crop, which threatened a famine. The failure resulted in mass evictions and increased immigration to the United States.

The Mayo Society of New York was founded in 1879 to help meet the needs of these immigrants and families living in Mayo. Most likely the founding members were survivors of the devastating famine of 1847.

The first Mayo Society reception and ball was held at Tammany Hall on December 9, 1890, with all proceeds sent back to Mayo.

In the past, members were granted sick and death benefits that help support their families in times of need.

Since 1890, the Mayo Society has continued to contribute substantial sums of money to various charitable organizations and good causes.

The Mayo Society continues to devote its energies for cultural, charitable, and literary purposes.

Every two years a world convention of Mayo societies is held in different locations in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland to continue the legacy of our founding members.

Our Goals Include: